A Year in the Life of Ryde Carnival Royalty

Ever wondered what is involved in becoming a member of the Ryde Carnival Royalty? Well, wonder no more! Here is a breakdown of the year’s events.

Please note that we do not discriminate against boys being involved, whether it’s as Royalty or as a member of the Entourage. We have had boys on and behind our float for many years now and we fully embrace equality.

January – we hold our annual AGM to elect our committee and discuss all our plans for the year including the float and Royalty theme.

February – this is the month in which we hold the Ryde Carnival Royalty Selection Night. A fun evening of dancing and getting to know each other. At the end of the evening, all the Royalty are selected along with the Entourage.

March-June – this is a really important, but fun part of the year. There are regular rehearsals where all the dances to each song are taught and bit-by-bit the group comes together as a unified whole.

July-September – Carnival Season begins! There are usually 18 or more Carnivals at which Ryde Carnival Royalty performs and entertains the crowds over the summer months. During this long season, many of the Royalty and Entourage will be moved around so they can have the experience of being on the float and also as part of the dance crew (or Entourage) that extends our party atmosphere well beyond the back of the float!

October-December – We normally have fun and exciting activities for the Royalty and Entourage to say thank you for all the hard work they’ve put in during the year. However, the year is not quite done until we’ve visited Littlehampton for their Bonfire Night, which is magical.

So what do you think? Sound like fun?

Each year we have a diverse group of kids and many of them come back year after year. We see really confident kids who are just born to perform and less confident kids who flourish in this supportive group environment. If you love dancing, party atmospheres, and making friends why not have a whole summer of it by coming along to the next Ryde Carnival Selection Night?

Ryde Royalty and Entourage 2023

Firstly we were very pleased to see some kids coming from Cowes (which doesn’t have a Royalty Float this year) so they could try out for a place on Ryde Carnival’s Float and the Entourage.

It was a very hard decision to place the kids and so we are delighted to announce our Royalty Team for 2023.
Ryde Carnival Royalty 2023
Senior Queen – Abbey 12yrs
   Senior Princess – Ana 15yrs
   Senior Princess – Amber 18yrs
      Senior Reserve – Teigan 14yrs
      Senior Reserve – Maisy 13yrs
Junior Queen – Lily-Rose 11yrs
   Junior Princess – Delilah 8yrs
   Junior Prince – Dexter 9yrs
      Junior Reserve – Annie-Mae 9yrs
      Junior Reserve – Kaylee 11yrs
(if any of the names are incorrect please let us know)

As we don’t like to leave anyone out ALL the remaining kids (10 of them!) will be part of the Entourage and they will dance behind the float at all the Island Carnivals also in costumes. The Entourage will be Jack, Sean, Honey, Amy, Scarlett, Tilly, Ruby, Nell, Jasmine, Devan.

Ryde Royalty and Entourage 2022

We are very pleased to be able to announce the 2022 Ryde Royalty and Entourage that will be representing Ryde all over the Island this year.

This photo was taken at one of their regular dance sessions preparing them for the 16 upcoming Carnivals taking place across our beautiful Island.







Our Ryde Royalty and Entourage are as follows;

Top Row – left to right

Devan – Junior Reserve, Teigan – Senior Princess, Daisy – Entourage, Sean – Senior Prince, Georgie – Entourage, Isobel – Senior Reserve and Amy – Junior Reserve

Middle Row – left to right

Katie – Entourage, Amber – Senior Queen, Tilly – Junior Queen and Maisy – Entourage

Front Row – left to right

Lily – Junior Reserve, Honey – Entourage and Bella – Junior Princess

Missing from the photo are Raia – Entourage and Hailie – Senior Princess

Ryde Royalty and Entourage 2021

The Royalty and Entourage from 2020 agreed to stay on for 2021, however once again all the Island Carnivals have had to be cancelled due to Covid.

Ryde Royalty and Entourage 2020

Unfortunately, this was the year of Covid and therefore no Carnivals took place across the whole Island, so none of the kids got to perform and entertain. However, most agreed to come back in 2021 to keep their commitment to Ryde Carnival and indeed all The Island Carnivals. We salute you!


Ryde Carnival Queens, Princesses and Entourage 2019

We are very pleased to announce the Queen’s Team and Entourage 2019;


Senior Queen – Georgie Matthews

Senior Princesses – Nikita Read and Jess Way

Senior Reserves – Amber Barrett and Hailie Sedgwick


Junior Queen – Honey Milsome

Junior Princess – Daisy Clark-Bennett

Junior Reserves – Maisy Humphrey and Imogen Janeway


Entourage/Dance Troupe – Cerys Brown, Teigan Long, Sean Brown and Tilly Humphreys

If your name is spelt incorrectly, please contact us so we can correct it

Ryde Carnival Queens, Princesses, Reserves and Entourage 2018

We would like to introduce our 130 year Anniversary Queen’s Team and Entourage for 2018;

Senior Queen – Cerys Brown
Senior Princesses – Madi Smith & Bethany Cooke
Senior Reserves – Georgina Matthews & Jessica Way

Junior Queen – Teigan Long
Junior Princesses – Maisy Humphrey & Zoe Grafham
Junior Reserves – Ruby Matthews & Imogen Janeway

Entourage – Hailie Sedgwick, Conor Sedgwick, Sean Brown, Maria Bradley, Katelyn Janeway, Ellie Matthews & Roxanne Randall

We look forward to the season ahead and would like to congratulate each of them on being selected! 

We would also like to thank our Ryde Town Mayor for crowning our Royalty 

If your name is spelt incorrectly, please contact us so we can correct it

Ryde Carnival Queens, Princesses and Team 2017

We are pleased to announce our 2017 Carnival Queens, Princesses and, new for this year, the Dance Troupe.


Senior Queen: Bethany Cooke
Senior Princesses: Amy List and Cerys Brown
Reserves: Sienna Aldworth and Georgina Matthews


Junior Queen: Sylvia Jenvey
Junior Princesses: Bethany Ford and Leona Chiverton
Reserves: Amber Munsie and Ellie Matthews


Dance Troupe: Sean Brown, Cosima Wohlschlegel, Ruby Parker, Connor Sedgwick, Lucy Venn, Hailie Sedgwick, Justine Long and Charis Sedgwick

Mascots: Lacy Chiverton and Matthew Ashworth

If your name is spelt incorrectly, please message us so we can correct it