Ryde Carnival Spring Walk

Join us for a unique Carnival Spring Walk through Ryde starting at 7pm on Wednesday 11th May 2022 at Hotel Ryde Castle on the Esplanade and finishing up at Bar 74 in Union Street with entertainment by Gina.

We’ll be walking some of the Carnival’s route at a gentle pace whilst finding out more about the history of Ryde and its Carnivals supported by Historic Ryde Society.

This is the perfect way to get into the Carnival spirit early!

We will be making pub stops along the Carnival Spring Walk, so you can have a short break and grab a drink.

Carnival costumes are NOT required, but do wear bright colours if you’d like to!

Below is a link to the Isle of Wight Walking Festival website with all the information you might need.

The walk is free but we’d love donation to support Ryde Carnival

Ryde Carnival is run solely by volunteers and relies on donations and public funding


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Ryde Carnival Royalty Selection Evening

It was great to see so many kids at Ryde Carnival’s first Royalty Selection Night since 2020. It was also heartwarming to see so many of the kids who didn’t have the opportunity to perform in 2020 returning once again!

A great night was had by all, culminating in the Royalty Selection.

Congratulations to our Ryde Carnival Royalty for 2022. We’re looking forward to a fabulous and fun carnival season with you all.

More photos of our entire Ryde Carnival Royalty Team to follow soon, along with the Entourage – because at Ryde Carnival no one gets left out!

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Island Carnival Memories

A wonderful website has been set up to show the memories of people who have been around the Island Carnivals for a very long time.

Click HERE to visit the website

A collection of reminiscences, stories and photographs contributed by Isle of Wight carnival people in a fascinating Oral History project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It aims to share and celebrate the Island’s rich carnival heritage that has defined our popular culture for more than a century.

A Year in the Life of Ryde Carnival Royalty

Ever wondered what is involved in becoming a member of the Ryde Carnival Royalty? Well, wonder no more! Click on the picture below to find out.