Ryde Carnival

Ryde Carnival is an all-inclusive and joyous parade of colour and light marking the end of summer.

We put on three Carnivals each summer from late August into early September. The first Carnival is the afternoon Children’s Carnival, then we have the early evening Main Carnival and finally the late evening Illuminated Carnival, which is the last carnival to be held each year on the Isle of Wight.

All our carnivals are run by volunteers and are FREE to attend. We raise money all year round to put these carnivals on, but if everyone watching put just £1 into a collection bucket we would have all the funding required for the following year.

Carnival Programmes

The Ryde Carnival programmes are now in the shops. They only cost £1 and include the ever popular Window Spotting Competition, the Children’s Colouring Competition, Photos of Ryde Carnival Queen’s Team, information on the Carnival Week of Activities (which are free), Carnival Routes Map and all the information on each of our three Carnivals.

They are available at The Library, Mellish’s, Beardsalls, Greenhams (High Street), McColls, Greenhams (Union Street) and Strand Newsagents in Monkton Street.

Urgent Return of

Carnival Cups

There are still quite a few Carnival Cups that have not been returned yet. Please return them as soon as possible so we can polish them and get them ready for the 2019 winners!

(the return address is on the sticker inside the cups, or contact us on rydecarnival@talktalk.net)

Ryde Carnival Week Activities

There’s plenty going on during Carnival Week and it’s all FREE. So why not come along and enjoy an extra bit of fun inbetween our three Carnivals.

(Click on the image above to see a larger version)

Hallam Saunders

Congratulations to Hallam Saunders on his award from Ryde Arts. We can’t wait to hear Hallam’s and Medina Marching Band’s performance. A piece of music composed by Hallam especially for Ryde’s Main and Illuminated Carnivals.
What a talented young man….

Read the full story here

The Spirit of the Carnival

This is the third year of The Spirit of the Carnival, which was created by local family owned Island pubs, working together, to help support the traditional Island’s Carnivals. The pubs are happily donating 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes for The Spirit of the Carnival.

More details here