Ryde Carnival Association Purpose

Ryde Carnival Association is the custodian of the traditional Carnivals that are part of the Heritage of the town of Ryde. They have been held annually, with some exceptions during the period 1914-1945, since the first Carnival in 1888 and play an important part in the community memory across all generations.

Our primary purpose is to organise Ryde’s Carnivals so that:

  • Individuals, families, friends and other groups on the Isle of Wight have the opportunity to safely showcase their creative efforts in making entries and/or performances for the processions
  • spectators from across the Island and visitors can enjoy an event that entertains and celebrates the diversity of our island community and the heritage of Ryde
  • the events continue to be held in the future

To achieve this we:

  • ensure there are sufficient volunteers to carry out the work of organising the Carnivals each year
  • encourage participation of all sectors of the community through promoting the event and giving community grants to help with the cost of entries
  • commission some performances from musicians and carnival artists to enhance the procession
  • raise funds continuously to cover the cost of organising and promoting the Carnivals and have enough money left at the end of the year to put on the following year’s Carnivals

We also create our Carnival Royalty float that, together with the Carnival Royalty Team and the Entourage, promotes our Carnival by attending other island carnivals, carnivals on the mainland and getting involved in various additional events.

The Team

Meet the Elected members of the Ryde Carnival Association for 2024


  • Life Vice President – Brenda Livingston
  • Life Vice President – John Steel
  • Life Vice President – Malcolm Ross
  • Life Vice President – Henry Adams
  • Life Vice President – Brian Treagus
  • Life Vice President – Jonathan Lamb
  • Life Vice President – Liz Bishop

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