Ryde Carnival Information

This is the Ryde Carnival information page for each of Ryde Carnival’s parades with links to each individual parade and their more specific information.

Ryde Illuminated Dancers







Entertaining our Town since 1888

Ryde’s Carnivals are all-inclusive and joyous parades of colour and light marking the end of summer.  We like to see happy people expressing themselves and having fun – after all, that’s what Carnival is all about, right?!!

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination and fully embrace equal opportunities.

This year we will be putting on two full Carnivals, the Main Carnival and the Illuminated Carnival and a Children’s Carnival Day, which will include various activities and culminate in a Children’s Parade through the High Street. Ryde’s Carnivals happen each summer (except when Covid puts a spanner in the works!) usually from late August into early September. We will be starting with the Children’s Carnival Day, then we have the early evening Main Carnival and finally the late evening Illuminated Carnival, which is the last carnival to be held each year on the Isle of Wight.

All our carnivals are run by volunteers and are FREE to attend. We raise money all year round to put these carnivals on, but if everyone watching put just £1 into a collection bucket we would have all the funding required for the following year.


Children’s Carnival Day

Sat 24th Aug 11am-3pm


Main Carnival

Thurs 29th Aug @ 6:30pm


Illuminated Carnival

Sat 31st Aug @ 8:30pm

Map of Main and Illuminated Ryde Carnival Route

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Map of Ryde carnival Routes