We are auctioning off the two camping festival tickets so kindly donated by our friends at the Isle of Wight festival 😄 in order to raise money for Ryde Carnival Association. These are worth £200 each and we are setting a minimum bid of just £70 per ticket!

How the auction will work

It looks complicated but it’s not really, we just want to make sure it operates fairly 😄

1)The auction will be “secret” – you will not know what anyone else is bidding (so you should bid the maximum you are prepared to pay for one or both tickets).
2)You can make a bid for one or both tickets but only one bid in each category
3) Highest bid(s) received by midnight Sunday 22nd May will win. If the pair bid is higher than the two highest individual ticket bids, the pair goes to that bidder, if the two highest individual bids beat the pair then they go singly. If there is more than one highest bid – the bid that arrived earliest wins.

How to Bid

You must register your bid by emailing us at rydecarnival2016@gmail.com

Please ensure that you:

– put in the subject header whether the bid is for both tickets or one ticket
– confirm how you can be contacted on 23rd May if you have the winning bid

The lucky winner(s) will be notified on 23rd May and will need to make payment direct into our bank account by 6pm on 24th May.

If payment is not received by then the next highest bid will win.

Tickets will be available for collection in person in Ryde.

Elected officers of Ryde Carnival Association cannot participate 😞 unless no bids are received

Simple 😊

IoW Festival Ticket – Secret Auction – closes 22nd May 2016