About the RCA

Ryde Carnival Association was set up in the 1930’s and has seen many changes and alterations to the style of carnival in Ryde and on the Isle of Wight.

Our function is to ensure that the Ryde Carnivals run safely and that everyone who enters the parades enjoys themselves. The production of our Queens’ float is something that the members do for fun. Our association reflects the community spirit of Ryde and the Isle of Wight. We come from all walks of like and have many different interests, and we come together to preserve and promote this historical event which, for the moment, is in our care. RCA is open to all residents of Ryde and thereabouts and those whose daily lives are here, and are welcome to join in and help us to do what we do.

Carnival is a continually changing entity, and the Association strives to keep up with changes in society and its attitudes within one of the oldest forms of anarchy, where people could for a while put aside their troubles and let off a bit of steam, misbehave and take on a different personality. Carnival is rooted in pagan religious beliefs, once feared and despised by the Establishment but some of which have¬†subsequently become acceptable if not necessarily respectable!¬†This evolution saw the focus of our parades move from the tableau-and-marching-band format of the 1960’s to the vibrant, all-inclusive parades of today which breathe new life into an ancient tradition. We are proud to be a part of that movement.


Our Aim:

“The aim of Ryde Carnival Association is to promote the development of, and participation in, community arts events for the benefit of people of all abilities living in, working in or otherwise having an interest in the Ryde area, by organising annual Ryde carnivals and to assist in the organisation of similar events.”